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New to trading?  Only have a limited time to trade each morning?  Maybe you should try gap trading.

Using Gapalyzer, traders can find the equities and gap areas that have the highest probability of filling intraday or know that the potential for gap-and-go is the more probable trade for the day.

Gaps on equities occur when there is a non-linear break in the price action leaving a space or a gap on charts.  Gaps occur for a number of reasons but a statistically high percentage of these gaps fill over time.  Traders often fade these gaps assuming that the gaps will fill with intraday price action.  Gaps that don't fill may continue to run in the direction of the gap.  Gapalyzer can help determine which trade is the more likely by analyzing prior price action under similar circumstances.

Gapalyzer uses historical stock prices to determine:

Traders can define the size of a gap, a time frame, and the days of the week to be analyzed.


Version 2.0 released on March 14, 2012

Version 1.0 released on March 4, 2011